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Richard Busellato

Director of the Board

Richard Busellato

Richard Busellato (Italian/ Swedish, born 1967) is a Director of the Board of Pila Pharma due to his extensive background in the financial industry and deep understanding of capital markets.

Richard Busellato studied macro economics and philosophy at Stockholm University 1986-90.

He provides significant experience to Pila Pharma within has more than 30 years experience in managing large financial portfolios across all asset classes at world leading financial institutions and hedge funds. Having started his career in Stockholm, he moved to Brussels in 1992 to join the treasury department of the world’s oldest limited company, Stora. In 1996 he relocated to London and has been living and working there since. During this period Richard Busellato managed portfolios at Moore Capital, Millennium Capital Partners, and LindenGrove Capital, as well as Tokai Bank, and was during the Great Financial Crisis (2007-8) director of the strategic rate group at Bank of America. In 2017 he joined Horizon Asset as a senior advisor where he also helped shaping their sustainability policy.

In 2020 he co-founded the sustainability advocacy Rethinking Choices with Dr David Ko and the following year they released their book “The Unsustainable Truth”, which has become an Amazon best-seller. Their work is focused on how individuals, businesses, and communities greatly underestimate the financial impact from climate change.

Share ownership in the company: 33 457 (direct).

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