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PILA PHARMA is a publicly held clinical stage pharmaceutical company based in Malmö, Sweden.
The company is developing a TRPV1 antagonist, XEN-D0501, as a novel type of oral anti-diabetic agent.

XEN-D0501 is a synthetic small molecule that was in-licensed in 2016.
Prior to in-licensing, XEN-D0501 had been found to have a good safety profile in other (non-diabetic) patient groups.

PILA PHARMA has to date completed two phase 2a clinical trials (PP-CT01 and PP-CT02), that both demonstrated that XEN-D0501 is well tolerated by people with type 2 diabetes.

Further, PP-CT02, demonstrated that XEN-D0501 (administered as 4 mg BID for 28 days) – with statistical significance versus placebo – enhance the endogenous insulin response to oral glucose.




Pila Pharma Press releases

Nobelpris till upptäckten av PILA PHARMA:s ledande princip
Läs pressmeddelandet (in Swedish) här
Läs pressmeddelandet PDF (in Swedish) här


Nobel prize for the discovery of PILA PHARMA’s leading principle
Read the press release (in English) here
Read the Press release PDF (in English) here


Yesterday, our CEO Dorte X. Gram presented our company at Aktiespararna.

Please find a link to the presentation here


BioStocks: “Pila Pharma takes final steps before toxicology studies”
Read the full article (in English) here

BioStocks: “Pila Pharma tar sista stegen innan toxikologiska studier”
Läs hela artikeln (in Swedish) här

Pila Pharma Press releases

PILA PHARMA erhåller GMP-certifiering av placebo-tabletter
Läs pressmeddelandet (in Swedish) här
Läs pressmeddelandet PDF (in Swedish) här


PILA PHARMA recieves GMP certification of placebo tablets
Read the press release (in English) here
Read the Press release PDF (in English) here

Life Science

Our COO, Lars Bukhave Rasmussen (and possibly som other PILAs), will be attending “The Future of Swedish & Danish Life Science” meeting in Lund, Sweden September 2nd 2021.

Read more (in English) here

Pila Pharma Press releases

PILA PHARMA AB tecknar tillverkningsavtal om API

Läs pressmeddelandet (in Swedish) här
Läs pressmeddelandet PDF (in Swedish) here

Read the press release (in English) here
Read the Press release PDF (in English) here

On Friday, our CEO was interviewed about PILA PHARMA ABs first week as listed company in the middle of summer and as one of the last companies in a row to list in on Nasdaq First North GM.
Thank you to MedWatch and Elizabeth Mønsted Johansen for writing about us!

Read more (in Danish) here

Pila Pharma Press releases

Första dag för handel med teckningsoptioner, PILA TO 1, blir den 22 juli 2021

Läs pressmeddelandet här
Read the Press release PDF (in Swedish) here


PILA PHARMA AB is off 🚀🌟
Our listing on Nasdaq was one ‘once in a life-time’ event and our CEO want to thank everybody involved in making it happen.

Pila Pharma Press releases

I dag, den 15 juli 2021, är första handelsdag för PILA PHARMA på Nasdaq First North Growth Market

Läs pressmeddelandet här
Read the Press release PDF (in Swedish) here


Today, at 9 am CET the PILA PHARMA team will be ringing the bell – follow us live here


Very pleased that Nasdaq last week gave PILA PHARMA AB the final approval for the list. We look forward to ‘first trading day’ on Thursday 15 July 2021.
For your information, our ‘ticker’ ‘PILA’

Read more (in English) here

Pila Pharma Press releases

PILA PHARMA AB (publ) nyemission blev fulltecknad – handel på Nasdaq First North Growth Market planeras starta den omkring 15 juli 2021

Läs pressmeddelandet här
Read the Press release PDF (in Swedish) here


On 16 June, Børsen published this well-written article on PILA PHARMA AB by Kevin Grønnemann commented by Senior Equity Analyst Søren Løntoft Hansen at Sydbank. I was pleased to see, that Søren, believe ‘it can be done’! With Sørens permission, I’m pleased to share an English summary of his statements: “Even though it will not be an easy task, I think that a compound that effectively lowers blood glucose, has a good safety profile and perhaps addresses some of the co-morbidities of diabetes as cardio-vascular disease, can be made. If, on top, the compound can be marketed at lower cost, then I actually believe it has potential!”. (in Danish) here

(16 june 2021)

We are so incredibly honoured to share that the American Diabetes Association(ADA) is featuring PILA PHARMA AB in the Thought Leadership Film Series, a part of ADA’s 81st Scientific Sessions program in June 2021, starting today.

In the invitation letter, it was written: We are interested in profiling Pila’s pioneering research and development in the science surrounding TPRV1 inhibition, and how regulation of this mechanism has tremendous potential to be exploited for the treatment of diabetes. The pandemic has triggered a diabetes crisis of another sort, having multiplied the complications associated with the disease and has left diabetics more vulnerable than ever before. The pandemic has further underscored the dire need for innovative approaches that go beyond the conventional realms of the diabetes field, and therefore facilitating this is the primary focus for ADA TV this year. There is substantial pre-clinical evidence indicating a role for TPRV1 in metabolic diseases, however this novel avenue has never really been pursued despite its potential. Given that Pila Pharma is one of the few organisations that is working in this innovative space, we believe that it has the potential to make an incredibly valuable addition to this year’s series, as many in the diabetes community could learn and benefit greatly from the story behind your work.”

What at great honour – it fuels us with energy and strength to overcome all challenges ahead in order to eventually provide our new type of diabetes treatment to people with diabetes in need there off!

Thank you so much to our scientific advisors Mark Evans and Jens Juul Holst for helping our CEO explain!

Watch the video in English here

(24 june 2021)

Affärsvärlden published their IPO-analysis (in Swedish) of PILA PHARMA AB. We note that they find our premoney valuation fair here

(23 june 2021)

Thank you to Millionærklubben and Pernille Enggaard for paying attention to us and for yesterdays radio-interview of our CEO. You can listen to it here (in Danish), time 19:09 to 37:5 here

(22 june 2021)

Pitching the PILA PHARMA AB investment case live for Aktiespararna
Watch the video where we explain what PILA PHARMA is about. (in Swedish) here

(21 june 2021)

Proud to be on the cover of todays LIFE SCIENCE appedix in Politiken (in Danish)
Science for Life – makes everyday life meaningful to me!

(18 june 2021)

“PILA PHARMA vill ta ett nytt grepp om diabetes”
Biostock feature article on PILA PHARMA (in Swedish) here

(18 june 2021)

“Hon går till börsen med framtidens diabetesläkemedel”
Article on PILA PHARMA AB out now on the Swedish online magazine Realtid (in Swedish)

(20 june 2021)

”PILA PHARMA AB med den tidligere Novo Nordisk-forsker Dorte X. Gram i spidsen er nu klar til at ringe med børsklokken på det svenske Nasdaq First North Growth Market i Stockholm.”

Feature article in the life science magazine MedWatch (in Danish) here

(16 june 2021)

”PILA PHARMA rustar bolaget inför en ny fas och accelererad utvecklingsresa”
Feature article in Dagens Industri appendix Invest Talks (in Swedish) here

(15 june 2021)

”Nu påbörjas resan mot framtidens diabetesläkemedel”
PILA PHARMA AB featured in an article on p. 19 in Dagens Industri appendix Hållbar Finans with focus on sustainable finance (in Swedish) here

(10 june 2021)
Pila Pharma Press releases

PILA PHARMA AB (publ) tillkännager GMP-certificering av en ny sats om 4 mg XEN-D0501-tabletter för klinisk användning

Läs pressmeddelandet här
Read the Press release PDF (in english) here

Pila Pharma Press releases

PILA PHARMA AB (publ) erhåller villkorat godkännande för notering på Nasdaq First North Growth Market Stockholm och offentliggör prospekt

Läs pressmeddelandet här
Read the Press release PDF (in english) here


This publication about DANSK BIOTEK is distributed in Denmark with todays Berlingske.

Read about on page 12-13 and about my personal view on fundraising in Denmark vs Sweden on page 20! (in Danish) here


We’ve been interviewed about our background and our intentions to list PILA PHARMA AB later this year.

Please, read the article by Biostock (in Swedish) here


We’re delighted to be the cover of this collection of CEO interviews!

Read the Swedish Health Care Sector Analysis distributed with Dagens Industri here
Read the article about Pila Pharma (in Swedish) here

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