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Jens Viktor Nørgaard

Scientific Advisory Board

Jens Viktor Nørgaard

Jens Viktor Nørgaard is a leading expert in Biotech and Pharma patenting.

Jens Viktor Nørgaard has more than two decades of experience in biotech and pharma patenting.

He has been a Director/VP of IPR in the biotech industry at Symphogen, Denmark and NsGene, Denmark. Since 2008, he has been a partner at the leading biotech patent law firm, HØIBERG, Denmark.
In his practice, he focuses on providing business oriented advice for his clients. He has extensive experience in European patent prosecution and opposition practice and has attended oral proceedings before the Boards of Appeal at the EPO on numerous occasions. He has first-hand experience with the challenges of US litigation.

Jens Viktor Nørgaard has an MSc in Forestry Science from the Royal Agricultural and Veterinary University of Copenhagen and has completed a PhD in Forest Genetics and Biochemistry from the same university. Afterwards, he spent a number of years as a researcher at the University of Copenhagen before joining the patent profession.

He is a Partner and European Patent Attorney at HOIBERG, Denmark. He serves as a Chairman of the Board at HØIBERG and Team Leader for HØIBERG’s Biotech and Chemistry Team.

Jens Viktor teaches IP law at the Danish Institute for Intellectual Property (DIFI), and has been an active partner of the BBIP (Bio Business and Innovation Program) at Copenhagen Business School for many years. He has served as a Technically Qualified Judge before the County Court in Oslo.

Jens Viktor has been an invited lecturer appearing before the Boston Bar Association and Boston Patent Law Association on several occasions and has lectured extensively on European Patent Law for US practitioners.

Furthermore, Jens Viktor has played a significant role the patenting process that eventually led to the issue of PILA PHARMA’s use-patents.


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