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2016, 01, 18 — Change in the Board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Board of PILA PHARMA

18 January 2016

The Chairman of Pila Pharma Board of Director, Mogens Vang Rasmussen has decided to resign from his position in PILA PHARMA at the end of 2015 due to an increased workload as co-owner and partner of Vesicon, a newly established company with the ambition to bring new and innovative ultra sound devices to the market.

PILA PHARMA established a Board of Directors in January 2015 with highly skilled pharmaceutical professionals, and Mogens Vang Rasmussen accepted to head up the Board of Directors. He brought a long time experience from the life science industry including the understanding of the diabetes market in addition to insight into strategy, planning and financing.

Mogens Vang Rasmussen has made a tremendous contribution in the start-up period of PILA PHARMA in defining a solid direction for the company’s strategy and development plans, says CEO Dorte X. Gram. I’m grateful that Mogens, with his significant background in biotech and the pharmaceutical industry,
accepted the chairmanship in this initial phase.

PILA PHARMA is now moving to another phase after the start-up period and needs to consolidate further into a small company.
New Chairman of the Board, Jan R. Nilsson, will help in this transition and brings to PILA PHARMA substantial business managerial experience from various positions, e.g. as CEO for Securitas-Direct / Verisure in Norway, Belgium, Holland and Denmark.

We are very proud to have been able to attract Jan R. Nilsson to the Board of Directors of PILA PHARMA, says CEO Dorte X. Gram, and I personally look much forward to working together with Jan in consolidating and further developing the company both on the administrative side as well as on the operational side.

Further, to strengthen the Scientific Advisory Board in terms of Intellectual Property Rights of our future business, we are pleased to welcome Jens Viktor Nørgaard who is a European Patent Attorney and a leading expert in Biotech and Pharma patenting.

Jens Viktor Nørgaard has already played a significant role in PILA PHARMAs history in working with me on the patenting process that eventually led to the issue of the use-patents, says CEO Dorte X. Gram. I am very pleased, that Jens Viktor Nørgaard has accepted to join our Scientific Advisory Board, and I trust that he will ensure that PILA PHARMA will have the right focus on Intellectual Property Rights going forward.

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