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2015, 09, 11 — Change in the PILA PHARMA Board of Directors


Director of the Board, Axel Nemetz, will resign from his position

In January 2015, PILA PHARMA established a Board of Directors, which encompassed highly skilled pharmaceutical professionals. At that time, Axel Nemetz was invited to join the Board of Directors due to his thorough understanding of the diabetes market, including insight into strategy, planning and financing.

“Axel Nemetz has contributed significantly in transforming PILA PHARMA into a professional business unit and we want to thank him a lot for his valuable input to PILA PHARMA’s strategic discussions. We wish him the best of luck in his new endeavours and his role as Head of Market Entry Strategies, Life Sciences & Healthcare at IBM”, says CEO Dorte X. Gram.

PILA PHARMA is moving towards a new investment round and in association with that, a new Director of the Board will be announced.

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