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Susanne Rugh

Project Director, “XEN-DIA”

Susanne Rugh

Susanne Rugh (Danish, born 1952) has joined Pila Pharma in December 2021 to strengthen the biotech company with her vast experience in pharmaceutical research and development.

Susanne Rugh graduated as Chemical Engineer (B.Sc) from the Danish Technical University in 1975 and attained a BBA in Accounting and Management form Copenhagen Business School, DK in 1979.

From April 1975 until September 2018, Susanne served at Novo Nordisk A/S, the world’ largest insulin company and, until the split up in 2001, the world’s largest enzyme company, where she has held numerous different positions.

The professional experiences and training include immobilized enzyme development, Bioinsecticide development, manufacturing and regulatory approval, and first and foremost project management of several pharmaceutical projects. Over a period of 23 years, Susanne has taken three pharmaceutical projects through development to regulatory approval (Levemir®, Tresiba® and Ryzodeg®) and has thus contributed significantly to current diabetes treatment. With the latest of these projects being conducted in 40 countries and including more the 3500 members of the project group. From 2014-2018 Susanne lead the Novo Nordisk A/S group of Research Project Leaders and was a member of the Research Management group and the Patent Strategy Group.

She holds extensive experience in working with people from many cultures and working through all phases of pharmaceutical research and development and as a people leader of small and very large group, both as direct line manager and as project leader.

Susanne Rugh thus provides very significant additional experience to Pila Pharma within the full pharma value chain and in particular in R&D.

As the company’s Project Director for the Diabetes Clinical Development program for XEN-D0501, “XEN-DIA” she will, therefore, be instrumental in progressing this key asset through the coming development phases.

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