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Søren Weis Dahl

Director of the Board

Søren Weis Dahl

Søren Weis Dahl (Danish and US, born 1966) is a Director of the Board of Pila Pharma due to his significant expertise in the orphan drug field.

Søren Weis Dahl holds a M.Sc. (1993) and Ph.D. (1997) from the Technical University of Denmark, and an MBA from Copenhagen Business School (2009).

He has over 25 years of life-science experience and has held leadership positions in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, clinical diagnostic companies and served as a senior biotech consultant.

Søren Weis Dahl served as Chief Business Officer (2013-2015) and later Chief Executive Officer (until 2019) of the Norwegian orphan drug company Prophylix AS. At Prophylix, he devised and executed on a strategy to relocate certain business activities to the United States where he established a subsidiary as its President (2013-2019). Søren Weis Dahl led the sale of Prophylix’s pipeline to the US orphan drug specialist Rallybio LLC in 2019, including lead project RLYB212, and is now a director on the board of Prophylix Pharma Holding AS.

Søren Weis Dahl has been based in New York City since 2014 and is currently Chief Executive Officer of DeckTherapeutics, Inc. The company is based on a therapeutics platform invented at Columbia University and is first developing its lead asset in a rare pediatric disease.

Prior roles include senior project management of drug discovery and clinical diagnostics at BioImage A/S (2000-2005), LEO Pharma A/S (2005-2006) and Dako A/S, now Agilent Technologies, Inc. (2006-2008), and senior consultant in biotechnology at Wiborg ApS (2009-2013).

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