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Hans Quiding

Project Director, New Project

Hans Quiding (Swedish, born 1949) joined Pila Pharma in early 2022 due to his vast experience from the pharmaceutical Industry and his in-depth knowledge of clinical drug development of analgesic agents.

Working for Astra Zeneca for more than 35 years, Hans has been involved in developing two different analgesic products all the way through clinical development to registration and marketing (Citodon® and Ardinex®) and, later, became responsible for the clinical development extensions of Alvedon®.
He has also worked with potential treatments of erythromelalgia.

Hans Quiding has a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, Medical Sciences and Psychology from the Universities in Lund and Uppsala, Sweden. In 1993 he got his doctors degree in Clinical Pharmacology at the Karolinska Institute, Sweden, with the thesis entitled: Evaluation of Analgesia in Man. Methodological aspects with special emphasis on codeine.

Since 1974, Hans has worked within the pharmaceutical industry when he joined Astra Läkemedel.
At Astra Södertälje, later AstraZeneca Södertälje, Hans held a number of scientific and line management positions. He gradually changed from Late phase clinical documentation to Early clinical development and Translational science.

As Principal Scientist at AstraZeneca, Hans was the clinical representative in preclinical projects, thereby responsible for translational studies and clinical development plans. He was involved in rationalizing the analgesic assortment, and, as mentioned above, became responsible for the clinical development extensions of Alvedon® and was involved in developing the registered products Citodon® and Ardinex®.
The latest projects in the analgesic area included peripheral opioids, TRPV1 antagonists and different sodium channel blockers. He also executed early clinical studies with quantitative sensory testing, antibody bindning, mRNA expression etc. and worked to increase the understanding of Erythromelalgia within a cooperation. This included genetic analyses, electrophysiological investigations and quantitative sensory testing.

Following the closure of the Research Department at AstraZeneca, Södertälje, Sweden in 2013, he has been working as a consultant to domestic and international companies in different analgesia projects.

Hans Quiding has some 30+ publications in peer review journals and has been a lecturer in seminars on Early clinical development and Translational science.

Hans Quiding, as Project Director of New Projects, thus, provides very significant additional pharma experience to Pila Pharma with his profound knowledge of progressing new key assets including analgesic agents.

Share ownership in the company: 26 500 (direct).

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