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Elna Lembrér Åström

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Elna Lembrér Åström

Elna Lembrér Åström (Swedish, Born 1961) joined Pila Pharma as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in May 2021 due to her significant accounting experience and previous work with providing financial advisory and acconting services to life science companies.

Elna Lembrér Åström graduated from Lunds University with a Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics in 1983, and became a Certified Public Accountant in 1989.

Through 1983-2019, Elna has worked as auditor in Sweden, starting with Peters & Co in Malmö, Sweden 1983-1989. Then later with Arthur Andersen during 1989-2002 (Partner from 1998), and with Deloitte AB during 2002-2019 (Partner). Since 2019, she has been self-employed through Elna Lembrér Åström AB, providing financial and business advisory services to Swedish based companies. Currently, she is also a member of the Board of Directors in Godsinlösen Nordic AB, Chefspoolen i Sverige AB and in Sten K Johnsons Stiftelse.

Throughout her career, Elna has been providing financial advisory and support to many entrepreneurs and development organisations throughout their growth journeys. This in addition to her being responsible for numerous accounting projects and activities for a wide array of companies, including several listed life science companies including Saniona, RhoVac and Lundbeck (Sweden), as well as Atos Medical, Biomet Scientific, Ferring, Ferrosan and Mediplast. Further, she has continuously been at the forefront of driving changes and new developments within general accounting practices and standards.

Elna already holds in-depth knowledge of Pila Pharma from previously as she was the company’s auditor during 2016-2019. Combined with her impressive professional accounting tenure, she will provide significant additional financial and accounting expertise to Pila Pharma, well timed with the public listing of the company incl. ensuring firm and high standard financial performance communication to the market and investors going forward.

Share ownership in the company: 30 000 (indirect).

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