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2015, 09, 11 — Change in the PILA PHARMA Board of Directors

11-Sep-2015 Director of the Board, Axel Nemetz, will resign from his position In January 2015, PILA PHARMA established a Board of Directors, which encompassed highly skilled pharmaceutical professionals. At that time, Axel Nemetz was invited to join the Board of Directors due to his thorough understanding of the diabetes market, including insight into strategy, planning and financing. “Axel Nemetz has…

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2015, 02, 18 — New method gives hope of treatment of diabetes

Press release 2015-02-18 Download as PDF New method gives hope of treatment of diabetes More and more adults’ get type 2 diabetes. Today, more than 8% of the earths grown-up population have the disease and the negative development increases by 7,5% per year. Today treatment is mainly focused on delaying the time to treatment of the life long disease with…

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