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Investors and Partnering

Investors & Partnering

Diabetes is a very serious disease – for the individual patient and as well as for society as a whole – resulting in enormous increases in worldwide healthcare spending.
In PILA PHARMA, we believe that we have discovered a new treatment that can delay or maybe even stop this pandemic – and we feel obliged to explore this.
Development of novel drugs is a lengthy and costly process with a high risk of failure but with a potential to ‘do good while doing well’.

Are you the new PILA PHARMA investor?

PILA PHARMA is planning to expand the company and its portfolio and will shortly open for new investments to finance this expansion.
If you are interested in becoming an investor in PILA PHARMA, please contact us for more information here.

Are you a new PILA PHARMA partner ?

Diabetes is a complex disease and the development, registration and marketing of novel diabetes drugs requires special talent, know-how and financial muscles.
PILA PHARMA’s aim is to mature XEN-D0501 as novel oral anti-diabetic agent to a stage where it becomes attractive for partnering with the right party.
If we have not yet talked to you, or if you wish more information, please contact us  here.


Current investors in PILA

PILA PHARMA is founded by and partially owned by XENIA PHARMA, Denmark (50,4%) led by Dorte X.Gram. Further, ALMI Invest, Sweden (13,1%) was first to invests in 2015 and has invested 4 times in the company. Likewise, Vimpu Intressenter, Finland (11,5%) which is part of a Finnish family office has invested 4 times in Pila Pharma since the first investment in 2017. The remaining shares (24,9%) are held by a number of private investors investors that joined since 2016.

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