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Clinical development

PILA PHARMA’s clinical development candidate, XEN-D0501

PILA PHARMA in March 2016 purchased a clinical ready TRPV1 antagonist, XEN-D0501 previously owned by Ario Pharma Ltd (Cambridge, United Kingdom).

The TRPV1 antagonist XEN-D0501 has previously been investigated in six clinical studies and has been found to be exceptionally well tolerated in man.

The TRPV1 target (also called the ‘chili-receptor’) has demonstrated applications across pain and inflammatory diseases and potentially plays a role in diabetes as well.

PILA PHARMA is currently in the process of undertaking a fast-track clinical development program, assessing the efficacy and safety of XEN-D0501 in  type 2 diabetes.

The target product profile of PILA PHARMA’s anti-diabetic TRPV1 antagonists is to effectively reduce blood glucose to near-normal levels via a dual regulation of insulin secretion and insulin sensitivity as well as regulating blood lipids and bodyweight thereby  possibly reducing the overall risk of cardio-vascular disease.

In addition to the development candidate, PILA PHARMA is the owner of use-patents giving the exclusive right to treat diabetes and obesity with TRPV1 antagonists (Download patents as PDF / US7879866B2 / US8455504B2EP1771162B1).

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